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About Microsoft SureStep Methodology


Microsoft SureStep is a proven project methodology that aims to ensure that projects run on time and deliver what is expected to the customer.


Two parts of the project – the budget and the expectation – are vital to the successful delivery of the types of project that Creative Business Systems (CBS) engages on.



Budget & Microsoft SureStep


The key issue for many businesses, especially in these economic conditions, is the risk of budget overrun. At Creative Business Systems we follow Microsoft SureStep to ensure that we gather all the required information about your company, the project and your future aspirations.


With this combined view of the project as set into the context of your business objectives, means we deploy what is beneficial without losing ourselves in the detail.

Added to over 30 years of experience in deploying core business software solutions into Small-to-Medium sized companies we know the difference our solutions make and the critical nature of them to your company. This is why we ensure we start by fully understanding you at the sales stage and use Microsoft SureStep Methodology from this proactive start.


This allows us to set the expectation, understand budget and time constraints of your business before we ask you to sign an order. So you are comfortable in what you are getting and we ensure that we do not oversell a solution or expectation. Giving you confidence that your business will thrive under the new software solution and mitigating the risks suffered from poorly thought out and executed implementations.



Expectations & Microsoft SureStep


Budget is not an isolated constraint; people understand that it is the value of what is delivered that is important. There is often a trade-off between functionality and availability of resources (Budget and Time).


We aim to resolve these by understanding them from the start of the sales process, not at the start of the project. This gives us the ability to ensure we fully understand what your business expects to gain from the project and what your users expect in terms of functionality. This allows our sales team to ensure that you know what is included in our proposals (Fixed Price or Time and Materials) and allows that information to be smoothly handed over to the project team, then to support and finally to Account Management.


We understand your business, its goals and your vision as it is key to helping us setup the solution and how to Phase the implementation (where needed). We sometimes go for a ‘Big Bang’ approach and sometimes we deliver in more manageable phases. It all depends on the customer and the relative complexity of the project. Each customer is an individual and each has its own way of working, so one approach does not fit everyone.



Project Steps with Microsoft SureStep


Microsoft SureStep splits projects into the following steps or stages:








These stages ensure that the correct information and flow is obtained throughout the project and is flexible enough for our customers to change their minds midway, so what is delivered is relevant to your business when it goes live.


Microsoft SureStep – Analysis Stage:

This is where we understanding of your business, the expectations of the project and the scope of the project. We ensure that all members understand what the scope of the project will be and what functions it fulfils before we move to the Design stage.


Microsoft SureStep – Design Stage:

Taking the requirements gathered from Analysis and crafting a well-designed solution is key to ensuring you get a solution that meets your needs and has longevity built into its core. Only once we have designed the solution to meet your needs, and got approval from yourselves, will we start to Develop the solution.


Microsoft SureStep – Develop Stage:

This stage sets up the system to meet your requirements. It is also where we create any additional functionality or make changes to the solution to meet your business process requirements. At the end of this stage your system is ready to be deployed and is fully tested (by Creative Business Systems and your ‘Key’ users) and is verified to meet your business and user needs.


Microsoft SureStep – Deployment Stage:

Here we will roll out your system to the training environment so that we can train all your users in performing their roles within the new environment. We do not just train on how to use software; we train on how it works for your processes.

The result of training is that the user must be comfortable on how to perform their role in the new environment, not just how to use the software.


Microsoft SureStep – Operations Stage:

Once the system has gone live we hand the solution over to the support team and Account Managers, who are able to seamlessly look after your users on a day-to-day basis.

Soon after go-live, we will also perform a project analysis to ensure that you got the results and benefits you expected and to get feedback from you on how to improve how we do things further.




Our mission is simple: to help businesses make the most of their resources with expertly delivered software solutions


Technology To Drive Tomorrow's Success