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Team Collaboration


Most businesses need to gain access to and share information regularly. The regular amount of time spent sifting through the volume of information quickly mounts up. The problems with finding the latest version and problems caused with previous (and now wrong) information going out are increasing.


With the lack of time now available to individuals and teams being under more pressure to perform, frustrations and lost time is higher when appropriate collaboration systems are not in place.


With the increased time pressure and greater requirements for team collaboration on projects; the need to gain access to the right information or right person fast is increasing. Finding that information and that person’s availability is not easy or intuitive, leading to more time spent trying to find out who to speak to and when they are available.


Team Collaboration – Access to Knowledge


Our solutions give a single platform for team collaboration; a place for people to join forces and work together so they are more effective together.

We ensure that individuals become more effective and can find the person or document with the right information quickly.


When they find the right person they can communicate with them easily by "internal instant messaging", so they can get the answers fast and unobtrusively.


Team Collaboration – Access to Information


"Information overload" is a common expression; highlighting the way we are bombarded with data and requests from all directions. Keeping a tidy store of relevant, categorised information is a productive sanctuary. Here, teams collaborate to help create this “Information sanctuary” so they can easily search and browse for the information needed, confident in the knowledge it is up to date.


Team Collaboration – Working together


Frequently team collaboration is not just about finding knowledge and information; it is about collaborating on the same task or project together at the same time. Historically this involved working together by sending e-mails back and forth with attachments or via shared drives. However, this effectively means only one person could work on the document or spread sheet at the same time.


Essentially this process is slows as it is serial. With our solutions, multiple people can work on the same document or spread sheet at the same time; making the process parallel and therefore faster. So people don’t waste time waiting for each other and the project or proposal can be completed quicker.

This, together with finding the right people and the right information quickly, means tasks are done quicker and team collaboration is far less frustrating.


Team Collaboration – Work Flow


When people work on a task together there are often approval processes and other related work flows that need to happen. With our team collaboration solutions, this is made simple and in one place. So everyone can see if a document is approved, being worked on and by whom.

This can be built into customisable workflows that assure only the people authorised to do so can (for example) approve a document.






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Technology To Drive Tomorrow's Success