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Benefits from Integrated Web Shops


Putting your business ‘on line’ is not new. However, many businesses that can do this have not done so yet. There are various reasons, but the main one is cost. The cost of a good web shop is not always the issue; the main issue stems from the maintenance of the web shop data and keeping that up to date. An additional problem is that Business to Business (B2B) companies tend to have multiple price lists held in multiple currencies. That complexity just adds to the traditional web shop maintenance costs.


The benefits of a Web Shop are well reported in terms of reaching a wider audience and being ‘open all hours’. There are additional benefits as well; by having your customer entering their orders and allowing for on-line order inquiry, you reduce the burden on your in-house ordering team. You also remove the opportunity for errors and queries from incorrect data entry by putting this into the customer’s hands.


With a Web Shop you also have greater opportunity to cross- and up-sell by displaying related items on the page and highlighting special products.


A Web Shop not only increases the reach of your business globally (without having to increase your sales order team) it also allows people to buy from you when they want, regardless of their working hours. This is a great service to offer existing customers as many purchasers work longer than normal working hours and it allows them to enter orders when it suits them.


Any web shop order entered will simply go into your normal order queue (or you can have a holding / pre-approval stage), so processing of web shop orders is the same as any other order.

Having a web shop also means you can offer alternative payment types. You can keep “On Account” or you can offer Credit Card payment solutions, with the credit cards being deducted at the right time.


Keep your look and feel

With our web shop solutions you can keep the look and feel of your current site and have an easy to use web shop. This can either be open to all or for your customers only, via a login page. Either way, your data comes straight from your main order processing and inventory system (in this case Microsoft Dynamics NAV).


So you can choose what is on the web shop and under what section simply by using the solution your users already know – Dynamics NAV.


No web developers

You do not need separate web developers for this web shop either, all the information you need is taken from Dynamics NAV. If you want to make changes or move products between categories, just change the data in Dynamics NAV and the web site will be updated automatically.


Account Portal

This web shop integration is not just for products; it synchronises your account details, customer price lists, availability, Sales Orders, etc. So the customer can have a Web Shop ‘Accounts Portal’ to show them their invoices, their current orders and deliveries. All synchronised to your web shop real-time with Dynamic NAV.


Always On

And if you host your web site and web shop you can hold your web transaction and product details on that same site (if they support SQL Server hosting). This means your Web Shop is always ‘live’ when your web site is, giving your customers an ‘always on’ web shop.


If the link between your hosted web shop and internal Dynamics NAV system is ‘off’ (e.g. if you are upgrading your Dynamics NAV or running maintenance on your servers) then the web shop stays live and re-synchronises once the connection is restored.






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