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Business Benefits of ERP

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Flexibility & Scalability for a Growing Business


Many businesses avoid implementing what is seen as “rigid” software for their flexible and changing needs. Perception is that using software that helps keep control of your processes will take control of your business. As such it is tempting to simply go for an off the shelf ‘accounts’ package that does not get in the way. While this is an understandable approach, it misses out on the benefits agile software solutions offer today.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) / Business Process Management (BPM) systems are seen as hard to use, rigid to work with, cost more than expected and deliver less. However, it is also known that agility in a growing business needs the right information at the right time and in the right format.


Our approach and our solutions offer a flexible way of getting what you need up and running quickly. Our methodology ensures that you get the functionality you want on time. Our experience will keep the options open for your next spurt of growth or next change.


Our flexible, adaptable and easy to use solutions are there to support your business and your users to achieve more, every day. They are there to take the away the “routine” and allow them to focus on what matters most – the customer and your quality of service.


More than Accounts

Our systems offer more than just being there to produce your accounts. They hold the data and trends to what is happening within your customer base, your products, your service levels, your cash flow and your finances.


It is the open box that holds the information that will show you what has worked and what has not. It shows you where your business growth has come from, so you can replicate it. It also shows you when things are starting to slow down, so you can adapt and take advantage of newer and better opportunities.


Our solutions will be there to help improve all your business processes, so that they run with the minimum of administration time. Automating your business processes means staff are more able to add insight and improvements to their roles and help you build a better, more productive business.


Team Work

Growing companies have one thing in common, a committed team and a drive to meet goals. As things get busy, it is harder to keep track of what has been promised and to keep an overall view of what needs to be done.


Geographically fragmented teams need to work together and need to be able to work on documents at the same time to collaborate on ideas, proposals and issue resolutions.


Our solutions make team work possible; they allow people to work where they are rather than having to wait for people to be in the office. With mobile computing and Laptops with data or Wi-Fi connections, people want and expect to be able to work when& where they want. This frees people from having to be in the office, improving productivity and creating a more motivated work force.


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

With growing businesses it is very easy to lose yourself in the detail of reports, information and data ("Analysis Paralysis"). Creating dashboards with Key performance Indicators is an effective way of showing where you are; based on your measure of "good", "OK" and "bad".


As its simplest level, KPIs show you what is going well, what is marginal and what is below par - at a glance. This lets you focus your time and efforts on increasing what is needed, making you and your business more effective. Ensuring time is spent on what matters most.


Working with you, we establish what you need to “watch” and then ensure that that information is available in the right place. So the dashboards, reports or charts will quickly let you see "where things are".






Our mission is simple: to help businesses make the most of their resources with expertly delivered software solutions


Technology To Drive Tomorrow's Success