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Business Benefits of ERP

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Access To Information - Anytime, Anywhere


Your sales force, engineers and managers are far more mobile than they used to be. Travelling between customers, sites and countries means they are out of touch with the office for longer periods. Many companies tend to solve this problem by relying on an in-house team ready on the telephone / fax to help service requests.


While this solves the problem, it is an expensive solution and hinders growth due to lack of scalability. It is also prone to errors in communication and can be slow as processes have to wait for paperwork to be posted / faxed into the office.


To be able to be mobile and able to react to changes you really need the information when you want it. This means having your office mobile data available when you need it. In today’s age of smart phones, getting access to e-mails while you are out is often simple. Getting the information you want from your Dynamics NAV or Dynamic CRM system can be just as simple.


With our flexible Mobile Sales, Engineering or Portal Information – you can have access to the information and reports you need wherever you are. This can be from your smartphone, laptop or specialist PDA. Whichever way, we can provide a solution that meets your needs.


Benefits for Mobile Sales Force


Able to understand the customer / prospect you are due to visit

Get the up to date address details, post code and phone numbers

Speed up the sales cycle by creating Sales Quotes or Sales Orders while with the customer

Reduce admin time and paperwork needed

See your tasks & appointments wherever you are so you don’t miss anything

Use Bar Code scanner to ensure accurate data entry

Keep the office updated as to what is happening in terms of pipeline without having to be in the office, increasing your available "selling time".


Benefits for Mobile Engineering / Consultants


Enter time sheets & expenses for accurate job status and billing

Request parts when needed, with bar codes if required

Keep inventory accurate by stating parts used

Update task list and keep the office updated real time

Reduce admin time and paperwork

Real time access to up to date data sheets / specifications


Benefits for Mobile Managers


Access to Reports / KPIs while away from your desk

Able to remotely update information held in your ERP / CRM solution

Able to use “dead / travel time” more effectively

Real Time Access to your CRM tasks and calendar

Travel light




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Technology To Drive Tomorrow's Success