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Business Solutions for Professional Services Companies

In professional service organisations, efficiency is a primary concern. Businesses are tasked with selling an intangible product which is constantly changing and difficult to measure.


Profitability requires that projects are estimated correctly, completed on time to meet customer requirements.


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Expanding the use of information technology is the best way to add greater value while supporting more cost-effective operations. An affordable computing infrastructure makes it easy to share data for effective decision making.


Equally important, deploying collaborative technologies allows a professional services organisation to work as one integrated team, including both internal operations and outside business partners and customers.


All this is particularly true for growth-oriented professional services firms, seeking to move towards a more controlled, organised and automated environment and thrive in an increasingly competitive environment.

Time and expense transactions need to be captured by your employees easily, ideally while they are on the job. The data they enter needs to be fed directly into the billing system, as well as costed to specific projects so that revenues profits can be appropriately recognised.

Inventory issues and other costs, such as employee related-expenses, need to be available for the same systems so the billing cycle is reduced and a true profit can be measured

And finally, managers need visibility of performance, utilisation, and profitability across all their projects so they can allocate resources appropriately and manage their organisation according to strategy.


Key Professional Services Solutions


Creative Business Systems can deliver solutions that let your firm focus on delivering outstanding services. Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM solutions help professional services companies manage every aspect of their business, from customer relationship management to project management to outsourcing and financial management.


These solutions can help you streamline operations while improving the quality of customer interactions, help you make faster and smarter decisions, and let you leverage the investment you've already made in your existing Microsoft technology platform.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft SharePoint

Cloud Based Solutions

Mobile Workforce

“Since introducing Navision [Microsoft Dynamics NAV], the business has grown by 200% and Navision has been there every step of the way to facilitate the expansion and offer powerful tools to look for trends, create general audit trails and keep administrative procedures tightly controlled.”


Dave Jones, Systems Administrator, Ashridge Consulting

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Technology To Drive Tomorrow's Success


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